Police Screen and Vulnerable Sector Check (Oshawa Girls Hockey Association)

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Volunteer Screening Policy

The OGHA Screening Guideline are in accordance to the guidelines as per the OWHA Screening Policy

A Vulnerable Sector Screening (VSS) is required for EVERY adult, 18 years of age and over, who assists with a team and will have direct contact with the girls.




Year 1: A Vulnerable Sector Check (original copy): 
If the VSC is greater than 6 mos, but less than 12mos, it must be accompanied with a Criminal Offence Declaration.
If the VSC is 6mos or less, it may be submitted without any other paperwork.

The VSC does NOT have to be dedicated to the OGHA, meaning we will accept the VSC obtained for other organizations. 

The VSC, and/or the Criminal Offence Declaration must be submitted to the Privacy Officer in the following manners:
> through your coach or manager, place in a sealed envelope addressed to: PRIVACY OFFICER. 
> a copy by email to [email protected]

Year 2 and 3:  Criminal Offence Declaration and Screening Policy must be completed.

Refer to the OWHA Screening Policy, pages 6 and 7, for a list of disqualifying convictions.

ONCE completed, you must submit a copy to the Team Manager/Coach and address to PRIVACY OFFICER.
OR email a copy to [email protected]

Year 4: Start again @ Year 1


If you have submitted a VSS to the OGHA in the past season(s), please note if;

VSC Dated 2020: new VSC required

VSC Dated 2021: noted as Year 3, and a Declaration is required

VSC Dated 2022:  noted as Year 2, and a Declaration is required

How to Obtain a VSS

Ø  Print the 2024_Vulnerable_Sector_Check,(updated letter will soon be added to site) which will need to be uploaded to the Police website.  This will reduce the cost of the VSS significantly

Ø  Apply online ONLY to Durham Regional Police

*You must apply to the region in which you reside, therefore if you live outside of Durham Region, visit your regional website to view how to obtain.

Third party checks are NOT accepted