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When families need a little financial boost to get kids involved in a sport, dance team or other active program, they need to fill out an application. This needs to be done before the fees are due, as the money goes right to the organization. Applications for assistance can typically be submitted from January 15 to November 1; with the goal for funding to be equitably distributed over Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter activities.

Click on the logo to be directed to the Jumpstart page or call 1-844-YES-PLAY

Kidsport is a grass roots Canadian non-profit organization that provides support to under-resourced children and youth 18 years of age and under across the country by removing financial barriers that prevent them from playing organized sport.

Click on the logo to Kidsport Toronto or call 416-899-4106


Exists to provide low-income families with the means to enroll their children in local sports programs.  Our hope is that by alleviating the financial costs of enrollment fees, children can develop the confidence, social skills and healthy lifestyle attainable through sport. This unique program is beneficial to both the child and the community through Their Opportunity's give-back program.

For More Information Give Us A Call at 1.844.843.4767 or click on the logo to be redirected to the web page. 


The Hockey Canada Foundation Assist Fund was created in response to the many families experiencing financial challenges. The goal of the Fund is to help Canadian youth access hockey and play the game they love.

The Assist Fund will provide up to $500 per player in registration fee subsidies to approved applicants who are registered with a Hockey Canada-sanctioned association.

There are moments that define us. That define Canada. That touch the essence of what it means to be Canadian. Pulling a hockey sweater over our head. Tightening the laces on a child’s skates. A first goal, arms raised in celebration. A medal. A moment. An ASSIST.

As players, coaches, parents, and fans, we share a passion for hockey. The Hockey Canada Foundation was created to fuel that passion. To keep alive our history. To encourage future generations to continue building our sense of community and country.

Your support for the Hockey Canada Foundation will help us share the game with all who share this land. It is a legacy – your legacy. It is built on history and will shape our future.

The Hockey Canada Foundation Assist Fund aims to break down barriers and give every child the chance to play.

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