Development Stream (DS) (Oshawa Girls Hockey Association)

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2023/2024 DS Coaches

U13DS Coach - Ryan Walsh

Manager U13DS - Amanda Wheelans

What is the DS Program?

The DS program bridges the gap between House League and Competitive hockey. It allows house league players to develop their skills by participating on a second team. The emphasis of the program is on skill development and fair play, which can help players acquire skills to move into the competitive program. DS teams practice once weekly, and play exhibition games and tournaments. Players are required to keep up attendance in house league for both practices and games in addition to their DS ice. While the league attempts to schedule DS ice on different days than house league ice, there will be occasions when players may have two games or practices in the same day. DS teams are not permitted to play in a formal league, and are permitted to play a maximum of 8 exhibition games against other DS teams and attend a maximum of 3 DS tournaments each season.

Any House League player may try out for the team.



DS Schedule