Police Checks and Screening Policy (Oshawa Girls Hockey Association)

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The Oshawa Girls Hockey Association, in accordance to the OWHA, uses a stepped screening process for Police Checks. A volunteer who does not comply with submitting the required documents at each step will not be permitted to be on the ice, on the bench, or in the dressing room with the team.

A Vulnerable Sector Check (VSC) is required for EVERY adult, 18 years of age and over, who assists with a team and will have direct contact with the girls.



Year 1: A Vulnerable Sector Check (original copy), not dating any older than 6 months, must be submitted to the Team Manager or Coach in a sealed envelope addressed to: PRIVACY OFFICER
  • Ensure you obtain the OGHA Volunteer Letter to receive the VSC at the volunteer rate. The volunteer letter must be uploaded to the Police website when applying for the VSC. A Police Check - Vulnerable Sector Search can only be obtained in the region in which you reside. For Durham Region, this process can be done online at www.drps.ca/onlinechecks (scroll down to VSC). Toronto Residents, please contact [email protected] for more information.
  • We do NOT accept third party police checks (e.g. mycrc.ca)
Year 2 and 3: Criminal Offence Declaration (page 2) must be completed. Refer to the OWHA Screening Policy, pages 6 and 7, for a list of disqualifying convictions. ONCE completed, you must submit the original copy to the Team Manager/Coach and address to PRIVACY OFFICER.

Year 4: Start again @ Year 1

EXISTING VSC on FILE with the OGHA Privacy Officer

VSC Dated 2020: new VSC required
VSC Dated 2021: noted as Year 3 from the above process
VSC Dated 2022: noted as Year 2 from the above process

Steps Summarized



Year 1: Download the Volunteer Application Letter for the reduced VSC fee. The letter must be uploaded to the Police website when applying for the Police Check Vulnerable Sector Search.

Year 2 and 3: A Criminal Offence Declaration form may be submitted in place of a VSC, IF you were a volunteer in the past two years, and the OGHA Privacy Officer has your VSC on file. (Complete and Print page 2 of the Declaration). 

The OWHA Screening Policy might need to be reviewed when filling out the Criminal Offence Declaration form. 


To obtain the Vulnerable Sector Check at a reduced fee, ensure you obtain a volunteer letter. The Association will reimburse the cost of your VSC for the volunteer fee only. Competitive teams, submit your receipt to the the Team Manager. House League teams, submit your receipt in the envelope with your VSC. 

Submitting Documents to the OGHA Privacy Officer

Vulnerable Sector Check (VSC): Place the original copy VSC in a sealed envelope marked to the attention of the OGHA Privacy Officer. This envelope can be given to the Team Manager or Coach, or mailed to 784 Taunton Rd. East; PO Box 78022, Oshawa ON, L1K 7H0.

Criminal Offence Declaration Form: Same as above for the VSC (original copy must be submitted).