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The OWHA Team Roster

All members of a team, including Bench Staff, must be on the official OWHA Roster and must register on RAMP. If a member is not named on this roster, he/she is ineligible to be on the ice or bench at ANY sanctioned event (including Practices, Games, & Tournaments). Please log in to the RAMP account you created for your daughter, and add yourself as a Participant, selecting the role that best describes your duties with the team. NOTE: Managers who are not on the ice or on the bench, choose Manager - Uninsured.



HEAD COACH: Must hold a Coaching Certificate for the specific level they are coaching. (Qualifications_Requirement_(22-23)_updated_(August_12_2022))

ASSISTANT COACH: Certifications are not required, but are preferred, as the Assistant Coach may fill in for the Head Coach if he or she is absent. (Qualifications_Requirement_(22-23)_updated_(August_12_2022))

TRAINERS (and Assistant Trainers): Male or Female trainers are acceptable. Every bench does require ONE female staff, see below.

Female Staff - A roster must have a least one female member. If the trainer or coaching staff are not female, then a parent must be assigned.

Staff (all those who work directly on the ice, or bench) - All members who assist on the ice for practices, or who fill-in for absent bench staff MUST be named on the official roster for insurance purposes and MUST register on RAMP.  

Manager - A team manager who is not on the ice or bench should be named as Manager - uninsured.

Statistician - This staff will have access to print official game labels, and in Competitive to update LLFHL game stats. They are not required to be on the bench. 

Dressing Room Attendees (FEMALE) AGE GROUPS U11, U13, U15, U18 may allow females in the room to assist with equipment. NO MALES are allowed unless supervised, and girls are in full equipment. All non-bench staff must exit the room for coaches' pre-game and after-game team discussions. U7, U9 allows parents to enter to assist with equipment. ALL ADULTS to practice the TWO DEEP rule

Bench Staff Requirements

All bench staff (e.g., coaches, assistant coaches, trainers, on-ice helpers, managers, and anyone who goes on the bench) must have the following certifications:


Hockey Canada has switched over to a new system, so registrants for clinics must first create a new account through Spordle. Once logged in, beside "Find Your Clinic", select Ontario Hockey Federation from the left dropdown menu, then select Ontario Women's Hockey Association from the right dropdown menu. This will display available clinics. Click on the clinic you would like to register for and follow the prompts. NOTE: Respect in Sport and Trainers Certification are done outside of Spordle. Click on the links above to access registration for those.